CV12-96 Car Vacuum Cleaner


iBELL Car Vacuum Cleaner helps you get a professional cleaning of your car. You save both time and money and get the most satisfying result. It is ideal for both wet and dry dirt.

It is extremely light that makes it highly portable. It is fitted with a multi-layer HEPA Filter that sucks all types of debris, dirt, and stubborn stains. Its flip-up brush helps to clean upholstery. It comes with a small brush that can be used for cleaning seats.

  • The car’s vacuum cleaner has a powerful 100 W motor and a strong metal turbine.
  • The portable machine has 6 different nozzles to cater to the cleaning of different areas.
  • Operating at a voltage of 12 V and rated current 8 A, the vacuum degree of the machine is 4500 PA.
  • The machine has a code length of 3 m which can be neatly packed in the machine by pressing the cord storage button.
  • It features a trash container and a lid that prevents the trash from falling out.
  • As the trash container is transparent you can know when the container is full.
  • Its accessories like long mouth, flexible hose pipe, flat nozzle, crevice tube, and brushes help to clean each corner of your car.
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