M200-89 MMA Welding Machine


iBELL is a trusted name in the market when it comes to welding machines. iBELL’s welding machine is suitable for both indoor and outdoor functions. Incorporated with the highly advanced IGBT inverter and VRD technology, the machine is ideal for welding, maintaining, and repairing mild steel, stainless steel, and other metals.

The machine is lightweight and portable. Its ergonomic and compact design makes it easy to carry to any place. It is an ideal welder for both professional and personal use owing to its features and strong ability. iBELL’s welding machine has an inbuilt anti-stick property which prevents overloading of the unit and facilitates easy withdrawal of electrode without damaging it in case of sticky metal.

There is either inbuilt or adjustable hot start function which increases the welding current at the start of a welding operation. It has an inbuilt ARC Force that increases the welding current in order to prevent sticking when the electrode enters the melted metal. This feature supports production with consistently excellent arc performance. Four types of connections are available in the machine – electrode cable, welding electrode, earth cable, and grounding connection. Heat, quality, and power indicators are present.

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  • The machine operates in single phase.
  • This highly advanced welding machine has inbuilt anti-stick and hot start functions
  • It has a 1.6 to 5 mm electrode usable for the professional weld.
  • It has a 2 m x 16 mm2 copper-clad aluminum electrode holder with a welding cable.
  • It has an adjustable current function and uses up to 200 Amp electric current.
  • It has 16 mm2 gaugeand the recommended cable length is 4 m.
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